December 2022

We had two group members submit papers to Ultrasound for Medicine and Biology recently, and both of their papers have been made available online:

Courtney Trutna Paley, whos paper "Repeatability of Rotational 3-D Shear Wave Elasticity Imaging Measurements in Skeletal Muscle" can be found right here. Congratulations Courtney!

Congratulations also to Dr. Bofeng Zhang, whos paper is entitled "Quantifying the Impact of Imaging Through Body Walls on Shear Wave Elasticity Measurements." You can find the paper here!

Wren Wightman and Shruthi Srinivasan had the opportunity to attend the IEEE UFFC: Waves and Transducers special short course this month, in which they learned about wave theory and considerations of transducer making, while making some great friends along the way! Here they are with their very own DIY single-element transducer

The Duke Ultrasound group would like to wish you a very Happy Holidays!

November 2022

The Nightingale Lab hosted students from Hillside High School this last month, to show them the ropes of ultrasound and it's vast applications both inside and out of the lab. Lab group member Reed provided some demonstrations of ultrasound using portable laptop ultrasound scanners, and Shruthi gave a brief introduction to the new UR10e robot we are working with now (updates to follow!).

Special thanks to Reed for organizing the event and getting these students excited about engineering research!

October 2022

Updates from the Duke Ultrasound Group regarding their presentations at IEEE IUS 2022:

Derek Chan gave a lecture entitled "Screening and Image-Guided Targeted Biopsy of Prostate Cancer Using 3D Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) Imaging." Courtney Trutna Paley gave two lectures titled "On the Correlation Between Knee Flexion and 3D Shear Wave Speed and Amplitude in In Vivo Vastus Lateralis" and "3D SWEI Improves Precision over 2D SWEI Both ALong and Across Fibers in Healthy In Vivo Skeletal Muscle Measurements". Anna Knight presented her poster entitled "Factors Affecting SV Mode Shear Wave Propagation in Elastic, Incompressible, Transversely Isotropic Materials in Both 2D and 3D Using Ultrasonic Rotational 3D SWEI."

Felix Jin delivered a lecture entitled "Modeling Shear Wave Propagation in an Incompressible, Transversely Isotropic Material Using Physics Informed Neural Networks" and presented a poster titled "An Open-Source Radon-Transform Shear Wave Speed Speed Estimator with masking Functionality to Isolate Different Shear-Wave Modes." Matthew Huber also gave a lecture titled "An Adaptive Acoustic Ouput Selection Method Feasible for Implementation on Existing Systems" and presented a poster titled "Human Observer Sensitivity to Temporal Noise in Ultrasound Imaging."

Here are some snapshots of the presentations and subsequent adventures in Italy!

 Ultrasound Group Attendance at IEEE IUS



August 2022

A big welcome to our newest graduate student: Shruthi Srinivasan!

Congratulations to Derek Chan and Courtney Trutna Paley who completed their Thesis proposals.

Also congraulations to Dr. Anna Knight whose paper, "Parametric Analysis of SV Mode Shear Waves in Transversely Isotropic Materials Using Ultrasonic Rotational 3D SWEI" was accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control. You can check it out here

June 2022

Welcome to our newest graduate student Wren Wightman! We are excited to have you on board!

Congratulations to Derek Chan and Spencer Moavenzadeh who presented their research at the Ultrasonic Imaging and Tissue Characterization International Symposium. Derek's presentation was entitled "3D Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) Screening and Image-Guided Targeted Biopsy of the Prostate: Technical Successes and Limitations to Date in an Ongoing Clinical Trial" and Spencer's was entitled "Prostate Biopsy Needle Deflection Variance and Prediction"

Also congraulations to Derek Chan who traveled to Colorado to present at the Artimino Conference on "Ultrasound Elastography for Targeted Prostate Biopsy Guidance"

May 2022

Congratulations to three of our labs most recent graduates who all came back to Durham to be hooded at the Duke PhD hooding ceremony.

 Dr. Cody Morris, Dr. Kathryn Nightingale, Dr. Katelyn Flint, Dr. Gregg Trahey, Dr. Anna Knight, and Dr. Bofeng Zhang


Also congratulations to the newly minted Dr. Felix Jin who successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled "Deep Learning Based Uncertainty Quantification for Improving Clinical Diagnostic Tools"

April 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Nightingale who won the Joseph H. Holmes Basic Science Pioneer Award at the annual meeting of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM). You can read more about it at

Additionally, congratulations to Dr. Ned Rouze whose paper "Phase and group velocities for shear wave propagation in an incompressible, hyperelastic material with uniaxial stretch" was published in Physics in Medicine and Biology. Check it out here

March 2022

Congratulations to the newly minted Dr. Knight who defended her dissertation entitled "Characterizing Shear and Tensile Anisotropy in Skeletal Muscle using Ultrasonic Rotational 3D Shear Wave Elastography"


February 2022

Check out this article on Dr. Nightingale's collaboration with Dr. Lisa Hobson-Webb through Duke's MEDx program: