Nerve Shear Wave Imaging


In collaboration with Dr. Lisa Hobson-Webb in the Division of Neurology in the DUMC, we have been investigating the use of acoustic radiation force-induced shear wave velocimetry to characterize the inflammation and stiffness of the median nerve in patients being evaluated for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).  Our goals are (1) develop ultrasound pulse sequences and processing tools to image ARFI and measure SW speed in the median nerve (2) identify clinical differences in SW speed between patients without CTS, those with acute CTS and those with chronic CTS.  We have developed a phantom to simulate nerves in vivo and are beginning to quantify median nerve SW speed in healthy adults, with hopes of beginning clinical investigations soon.


Previous work has been done by the lab looking at imaging nerves with the hope of providing regional anesthesia guidance, as seen here:

Related Publications

Palmeri, M. L., Dahl, J. J., Macleod, D. B., Grant, S. A., & Nightingale, K. R. (2009). On the Feasibility of Imaging Peripheral Nerves Using Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging. Ultrasonic Imaging, 31(3), 172–182.