March 2016

April 4, 2016

  • Mark and Kathy presented at AIUM:
    • Kathy gave an invited talk on elevated MI and a clinical summary of our research in ARFI imaging of the prostate.
    • Mark gave a talk on ARFI/SWEI in skin as well as an invited talk on research elastography.
  • Our lab will be featured in the Co-Lab “Innovators” YouTube video series
    • Some examples, are on their YouTube channel here.
  • Our lab has been awarded two grants
    • NIH R01 grant award: Title: Improved ultrasound imaging using elevated acoustic output
      •  The goal of this project is to optimize harmonic imaging methods using elevated acoustic output, and to quantify the resulting improvement in ultrasonic imaging performance.
    • DOD USAMRAA grant award notification: Early Detection of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer using Ultrasonic Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) Imaging
      • The primary goal of this work is to develop a clinic-ready 3D ARFI prostate imaging system that is specific for clinically significant prostate disease in order to facilitate real-time screening during initial prostate biopsy procedures.