We are active participants on the RSNA QIBA Ultrasound Shear Wave Speed committee ( that is evaluating and proposing methods to standardize shear wave speed measurements across different imaging systems as a biomarker for staging liver fibrosis.  Drs. Palmeri and Nightingale serve on the Systems Dependecies subcommitee, and Dr. Palmeri also serves on the Clinical Applications subcommittee and as a liason to the Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE: committee.

Our specific efforts involve phantom calibration and analysis, as well as supporting an extensive finite element modeling effort to develop elastic and viscoelastic digital calibration phantoms for commercial systems.  Source code for the digital phantoms can be found on GitHub, and digital phantoms can be downloaded on the RSNA Quantitative Imaging Data Warehouse (QIDW):

Dr. Palmeri recently conducted an AIUM Webinar on "System-Dependent Factors Influencing Shear Wave Speed Measurements for Liver Fibrosis Characterization" that you can freely view online.

This project has been funded by:

  • RSNA Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance (NIH NIBIB)
  • FDA contract #HHSF 223201400703P